Wild Biker Body Wild Biker Body Wild Biker Body Wild Biker Body
Wild Biker Body

Wild Biker Body


Piece very sexy and flashy, for a night you want to indulge yourself and new sensations!

Body in soft cirrê and pair of gloves.

Composition: 95% Polyester | 05% Spandex. Lining: 100% Cotton.



Frete e Prazo


Beautiful body all worked in soft cirrê, slightly elastic fabric that contours and adjusts super well to the body, in the bust the rim without bulge rounds and valorises sinus. The fancy comes with opening in the front of the whole trunk braided in satin ribbons, super sexy and charming. Elastane strips for tying on the back and back of the neck still allow a better fit of the piece to the body. Accompany pair of gloves for the fists that leaves this erotic fantasy of biker even sexier.
Super flashy and sexy piece, imagine the sexy jokes you can do with this fantasy?

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Poison Girl

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