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Dynamite Mumuaha Fitness Jumpsuit

Dynamite Mumuaha Fitness Jumpsuit

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Mumuaha Dynamite Fitness Jumpsuit

The Mumuaha Fitness Jumpsuit was created especially for those hardcore girls who like danger and sensuality with a touch of adrenaline.

With animal print trend print.

Features: The high quality print, features muscle shading, which gives volume and defines muscles, giving a touch of sensuality in sinuous curves. It has a lining at the bust and elastic at the bottom for better support without making it transparent.

Differential: The fabric with FPS filter +50 UV + provides more vivid colors and more durability and comfort, does not fade or lose elasticity. Cirrê ® Easy Care and antibacterial. Suplex Light Technological and antibacterial.

Composition: 85% Polyester | 15% Spandex.

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Ideal to compose a fitness look combining a unique style and unmatched comfort, ideal for practicing all types of physical exercises, bodybuilding, dancing, running and etc ... Original Dynamite Jumpsuit, produced with high quality and technological fabrics.

Suplex Light Fabric: 85% Polyamide | 15% Spandex

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