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Fleur Agata Jumpsuit

Fleur Agata Jumpsuit


Fleur Agata Jumpsuit

Unleash your vibrant style with this necklined jumpsuit! Featuring playful straps over the bust and a stunning purple and pink tie-dye print, it's the perfect outfit to make a statement. The texturized surface adds an extra touch of uniqueness and flair. Get ready to turn heads and embrace your fun-loving spirit in this dynamic jumpsuit.

Features: Embossed fabric and a light purple tie dye print. Neckline accompanied with bands and open back with straps. Has a butt lifter and padding.

Differentials: Perfectly models the body. Jumpsuit made with high quality fabrics, which reduces skin imperfections, making it even more beautiful. It adjusts perfectly to the body and enhances your curves. 

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