LabellaMafia Floral Print Legging

LabellaMafia Floral Print Legging


LabellaMafia Floral Print Legging

Legging with delicate print, with beautiful floral designs throughout the piece, bringing a more feminine style to your look!

Pink color / Print.

Features: Legging made in pink fabric printed with floral designs and LabellaMafia written all over. It has cutouts in white fabric on the sides.

Differentials: Product made in comfortable and flexible fabric perfect for physical exercises, with modeling that defines the curves of the body. Produced to the highest quality standards, inferring in the durability of the product. Exclusive LabellaMafia modeling.

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Frete e Prazo

With looks and technology, Ultimate 2.0 Compression is designed for high performance. Through compression technology, the pants enhance muscle action and promote faster recovery after exercise. Its modeling is designed to ensure comfort while practicing various sports as well as its strategic finishes as elastics designed for continuous use for hours.


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