Women's Cycling SL Owl Jumpsuit
Women's Cycling SL Owl Jumpsuit Women's Cycling SL Owl Jumpsuit Women's Cycling SL Owl Jumpsuit
Women's Cycling SL Owl Jumpsuit

Dunas ML Cycling Owl Jumpsuit


Reinforced Seams. Dunas Cycling exclusive digital print.

Lining: D80 density, memory foam, anti bacterial, polyamide, professional.

UV50 + protection (This does not exclude the use of sunscreen, remember that the protection is in the fabric).

Composition: 90% Polyester | 10% Spandex.

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Washing Mode:

Hand wash and if using machine wash mode for delicate clothes without using soaking clothes, the temperature between 15 ° C and 30 ° C, depending on the item. Thoroughly dilute the detergent. Do not twist and rub the article. Color articles should not be left to soak. Rinse immediately and dry.

It should not be targeted. The article should not be subjected to bleaching with chlorine or use any other product containing large amount of bleach.

Iron at low temperature and steam.

Dry cleaning is prohibited.

NOTE: Products that have fluorescent colors tend to get pigments in the water from which it is being washed or it is prohibited to wash fluorescent clothes along with other clothes even if they are colored. When drying this product the same can not be allowed to drain to other places of the piece of clothing or that the water falls on any other part of the clothes or other that come to be near the same one.


Synthetic polyester is a synthetic fiber commonly used by the textile industry. A warmer textured mesh a bit rougher that contains vibrant, strong colors if stamped.


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