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Let's Gym Tie Dye Pink Fashion Shorts

Let's Gym Tie Dye Pink Fashion Shorts

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Let's Gym Tie Dye Pink Fashion Shorts

Features: Created using the tie dye technique, in which each piece is unique and has unique effects, as it undergoes special washes to create a more faded look, but with a softer and more malleable touch. The tie dye pattern and colors can vary from piece to piece, as it is a completely manual technique. With adjustable and elastic lace on the waistband. Modeling: Soltinha

Differentials: Short made in Malhão, providing freedom of movement, greater physiological comfort, allowing the exchange of heat with the environment. Because it is made of 100% cotton, it absorbs sweat and facilitates perspiration and in the cold acts as a thermal insulator.

Composition: 100% Cotton.

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