Short Fitness Dynamite Holo Blue

    Short Fitness Dynamite Holo Blue


    Short Fitness Dynamite Holo Blue

    Get ready to rock your workouts in our Black and Blue Graphic Robotic Fitness Shorts! These shorts aren't just ordinary sportswear - they're a bold statement of style and power. The eye-catching black and blue print features a futuristic robotic design that adds an electrifying edge to your workout routine.

    Color: Blue | Print

    Features: Blue Shorts, Custom Dynamite. Vibrant blue gradient.

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    Frete e Prazo



    UV Protection - Protection SPF 50 provided by wires blocking UV-a and UV-b rays
    Breathability - Part with high filament, which provides breathability and quick drying.
    Antibactericide - Functionally finished fabric that kills germs and provides effective protection against bacteria, mites and fungi, maintaining hygiene and avoiding odors.

    Size: Available in S and M

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