MVP Hard Fit Red Sneaker

MVP Hard Fit Red Sneaker


The MVP Hard Fit Women's Footwear is developed with leather in Legitimate Leather, for excellent breathability and specific support for the training. The Fusion Feet system delivers exceptional cushioning, flexibility and responsiveness throughout your workout. More style. Velcro locking integrated with antioxidant metal details.



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Product advantages and details
• Leather Legitimate Leather for excellent breathability and more foot health.

• Velcro locking integrated into the shoelace for dynamic and support adjustment.

• Densit Flex ergonomic insole for stable cushioning, super lightweight and with eternal memory (Does not deform over time).

• Extreme Gel F2 soles pattern for any surface control that provides responsive, low profile cushioning where you need the most flexibility.

With responsive cushioning, from heel to fingertips, it offers great responsiveness and natural mobility throughout the sole of the sole, ensuring foot stability on footwear, allowing traction in rapid changes of direction. Flexsystem insole with dynamic damping and high durability, for impact protection and low profile, resistant to breakage over time, allow your fingers to spread naturally for a more powerful first pass.


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