LabellaMafia Fresher Mescla Top

LabellaMafia Fresher Mescla Top


LabellaMafia Fresher Mescla Top

Basic and sophisticated design with anatomical modeling tested in various physical activities, provides comfort and freedom of movement during training.

Exclusive LabellaMafia print.

Features: Flexible, Malleable, Comfort and Unique Look. It has open detail on the back and comes with hood. Top with front zipper.

Differentials: High compression. Top with a firmer and more compact structure, puts pressure on the body, protecting and firming the muscles. The line is geared towards Cross Training and high performance activities, the clothes are made to withstand the most extreme adversities. Overcome your limits with freedom, comfort and attitude.

Composition: 74% Polyamide | 26% Spandex.

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