Exchange and Returns Policy

Donna Shape offers high quality sporting goods to discerning customers, and our greatest commitment is with your full satisfaction. Therefore, we accept the return of unused products within a period of up to 7 calendar days after receipt of the purchase, at no additional cost to you.


To make the exchange or return of an item you must make your request in the email [email protected] with the subject "exchange / return".

If the product arrives at our distribution center without the authorization of our plant, the item will be refused.


You may return a product or exchange it for the following reasons:


Product dissatisfaction

If you have already received your product and were not satisfied, it is possible to request a return or exchange 7 days after delivery. For this, the product must be in its original packaging, with no indication of use and with all items and accessories received.

In that case you can request a voucher for the returned product or have refunded the amount paid. This procedure may be required before or after the product leaves our distribution center.

Swap by different size or other product

 If the product did not serve or want to exchange for another, you should send an email to [email protected] requesting the reason for the exchange and wait for our team to return you to send the item replacement, remembering that in this case the freight of idá is paid by the buyer and back by us, this is valid only for the first exchange, if there is a second, the 2 freights must be paid by the buyer.

Defect on product received

If after your purchase you have presented some type of manufacturing defect you will have 7 (seven) days running after the delivery to make the exchange request. If the defect has been caused by problems in use or misuse you should seek the manufacturer of the product.


If our exchange and return period has expired and your product is defective you should contact the manufacturer of the product directly.


You can find specific information about the supplier's warranty term and how to contact the supplier's warranty term. You can also find vendor information on the product page on our website. If you can not contact contact our service center.


Product other than purchased

Before being shipped the orders go through a conference process to ensure that all items shipped are in accordance with the items purchased by the customer. If this occurs, the customer resends the goods he wants to exchange and we resend the requested goods from the models that are still available in stock or similar. In this case, both freights are paid by the store. The deadline for requesting the exchange is up to 3 business days from the date of receipt. To make the change, the products must return the same way they were sent. Otherwise the exchange will not be made.


Faults in the product received or tampered packaging

The handling and transport of our products is carried out in order to preserve the original quality of the product. If there is an apparent defect in the delivery of the product or if the packaging is violated, you must refuse the delivery upon delivery and inform our customer service center.


If an authorized third party (concierge, employee, reception, etc.) receives the delivery of your request he should be able to check the conditions of the product received and refuse in case of problems.

Attention: For products in the "Supplements" category, returns will only be accepted if the product is in its original packaging and with all seals intact. In case of violation, the return will be refused.


Forms of return of a product

Refusal on delivery: At the time of delivery, inform the carrier of the reason for refusal. Your product will be returned to our distribution center. It is of utmost importance that you immediately notify our customer service center about this refusal;


Product post: After requesting the return of a product in our service center and approved the return you should go to a nearest post office and send the product to our store at the following address:



Rua Joaquim da Silva Martha 12-41 

Altos da cidade Cep 17014-010

Bauru, SP, Brazil


After the posting has been made, the buyer must send the tracking code of the mails to the email: [email protected] with the subject "Exchange / return tracking"

Posting costs for exchange or return

The costs related to the posting are only paid by Donna Shape only in cases of product of the defect or product different from that acquired.


Forms of restitution:

Exchange coupon: You can opt for an exchange coupon, which allows you to use the refund amount to make new purchases on the Donna Shape website.


Card Rebate: Exclusive for credit card orders. The chargeback period will follow the card administrator's rules, which may take one to two invoices depending on the date your invoice expires.


Cash / savings account reimbursement: For orders paid with a ticket, the amount can be reimbursed in a current account, which is the same as the person responsible for the request (identical CPF). After you have approved the reversal request, the amount will be credited to your paid market account where you can then request the credit in your checking / savings account. The repayment term will depend on the accuracy of the data and will follow the rules of the bank receiving the credit.

For orders paid by bank transfer or deposit, the amount will be directly reversed into the checking account holder's savings or savings account (identical CPF)

The refund of the amount in your paid market account will only be processed after the release of the return by our quality control department. The term for the release may be up to 10 (ten) business days after the receipt at our distribution center.

If any of the return conditions are not observed the release of the refund may be denied. In this case the product will be returned to the customer and shipping costs may be charged.


Important: In all cases of exchange, the products must be returned to the store with the invoice or purchase invoice, in the original packaging, with all labels (composition, sizes, tags affixed to the part), without any indication of use, bad smell, malfunction or damage to the part. Without any signs of washing, or changes made to the part by the customer, such as adjustments, sheaths, seams, among others. Our analysis is extremely strict and if the part is not intact, we will not make the exchange and we will not accept the return, we send the part back to the client for payment of the freight.

The exchange or return will not be accepted when:

- the defect reported by the customer is not verified.

- the product is unaccompanied by the invoice, packaging, accessories and all original labels.

- there is evidence of improper use of the product.

- there is evidence of accidental damage, bad smell or blemishes.

- the customer did not obey the manufacturer's washing instructions

- natural wear and tear as a result of use.

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